Pause and Pray

Each day at 6:00 pm, pause and pray, knowing that your brothers and sisters in faith are doing the same. "Feel the power" of prayer together.

To celebrate Jesus’ resurrection and the entire Easter Season, we will celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday of the Easter Season which is April 4th through May 23rd. 

The council is looking for three individuals to serve on the following church council committees: Worship, Stewardship and Board of Education.  All are three year positions.  For more information on the responsibilities of these positions, contact the follow current committee members: Worship - JoAnn Nelson and Carmen Criddle, Board of Education - Michelle Williams and Lynn Jensen,  Trustee – Bill Lewison and Brian Styndl 


Formation of a Call Committee.  What is a call committee?  It is made up of members of the congregation who, working with a synod staff person and interim pastor help the congregation asses its needs for its mission and mission, make recommendations and interview candidates.  Any confirmed member can serve on the call committee.  The council is looking for a mix of young and old, long time members and newer members.  If interested contact Pastor Dale or a council member.