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Aurora Diner

The Aurora Diner is a staple of the Steele County Free Fair.  It began in 1965 when the Steele County Fair Board approached our congregation and asked us to open a diner near the livestock barns for open class livestock exhibitors and 4-H.  In 2 short weeks, the building was built.  Much of it was built by volunteer church members.  Additions were added to the building in 1972, 1984, and 1988.  Early on, some of the  food was made in homes and at the church. Due to food regulations, now all food is made at the diner. We are thankful for the Lord’s Guidance, for all the workers and our customers.


Over the years, the proceeds have gone to many causes: missions, the cost of  updating the Aurora church building (including siding, roofing the steeple, a new addition, carpeting, remodeling the kitchen), and supporting another church building destroyed by fire.  Proceeds also helped Aurora to pay off the church parsonage earlier than planned. Over the years, it has become necessary to have other volunteer groups (many from local churches) help us to run the diner. Each year, a contribution is made to their organization for helping.  The people of our church take pride in committing many days and hours in order to provide this significant ministry in our community.


Since 1965, the Aurora Diner has had a successful operation offering fellowship to the fairgoers.  It is a welcoming place to sit down, rest your feet, and enjoy home-style food.  In 2011, the Aurora Diner won the award for Most Requested Food Items at the fair.

Be sure to visit us at the Steele County Free Fair in August.  

All volunteers are welcome, whether you are a

member or not.  Contact us for more information.

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